A Fitness Center...

Honoring the Memory of the Snow Family Kim Snow, Owner/Founder

Born and raised in Reinbeck, a graduate of Gladbrook-Reinbeck High School, I have been involved with athletics and fitness for a majority of my life. Branching out to St. Petersburg, FL in 2009 to pursue a career in fitness has been such a great learning and rewarding experience.

As a private fitness studio owner in St. Petersburg, FL, my Mom and Dad (Dean and Penny) watched, helped and witnessed my facility come to life in 2018. Since they wintered in Florida, they would always drop in for a visit, bring food, watch a class, or see if they could help with anything. Oddly, they would never refer to my facility by it's actual name, “gym,” or “workout place,”… but by “The Center.”

This terminology was puzzling, but made me smile because I knew what they meant. My Mom and Dad were very proud of “The Center,” and I was proud to have them there.  They were as supportive as any family could be and it meant the world to me. Unfortunately, Mom passed away in October of 2019, and Dad passed away in December of 2020.

This fitness facility is dedicated to the community of Reinbeck in loving memory of the Snow Family: Frank, Emma (great-grandparents), Harold and Lucille (grandparents), and Dean and Penny (parents). All were lifelong residents who took great pride, contributed endlessly through several local organizations and supported our community and it's residents with helping hands and full hearts. Without them, this facility would not exist. My wish is that their memory lives on for many years and generations to come.

Reinbeck will always be our home. Thank you for your support and please respectfully enjoy this facility, it's surroundings and all it has to offer.

- Kim Snow